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A non-citizen may be placed into removal proceedings for any of a number of reasons, and the U.S. government will then try to have them deported to their home country. Removal proceedings can be based simply upon being in the U.S. without legal permission. Even a lawful permanent resident or lawful non-immigrant can be placed into removal proceedings if they are convicted of a crime, or accused of immigration fraud, or because the government does not believe they were properly granted legal status. If you or a loved one are placed into removal proceedings, you need an experienced lawyer.


I have defended people in removal proceedings for over thirty five years. I have won cases before USCIS, the immigration courts, and in federal courts. Here are some of the ways in which an experienced immigration lawyer can help:


Asylum: if you can prove a well-founded fear of persecution in your home country, based on a protected ground, you can be granted asylum and this leads to a green card and citizenship;


Waivers for criminal convictions and fraud: if the government is seeking to remove you because of criminal convictions or fraud, there are defenses available. First, the government must prove that the criminal conviction really meets the definition of a removable crime, or that the fraud is actually material and relevant to immigration status. Even if this is proven, you may qualify for certain waivers, which will allow you to adjust your status or keep it if alarm granted.


You may be eligible for permanent residence based on family relationships, hardships, length of time in the U.S.  You may even be a citizen at birth and not know it! An experienced immigration lawyer will conduct an in-depth interview and look at every possible way to legally assist you.